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My Summer Vacation
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For those who weren't here 

last time, allow me to add a link 

to my original page. 

Just click on the bike.

If you've never been here before I would like to welcome you to my summer vacation. 

A bit of history
Two years ago I took a motorcycle trip west and brought along an old digital camera and a laptop (click on the picture of the bike at left to see that page). This gave me the chance to share my vacation with friends and family. This year I went east. I took along a much better camera, but no laptop. It was a bit more difficult to create the page on the road, but I got better pictures. 

The trip
I of course started with some rain on the first day.
I started by going to South Bend to get some maintenance done on the bike (I couldn't get in any of the shops around home). I was there for the weekend so I got the chance to hang out and get to know some places in the city. I actually took a lot of pictures that I haven't put links to, so if you like you can peruse the images page and try to figure out the pictures I didn't look to.
After leaving South Bend Monday morning I headed out east through Ohio. I tried to find the most interesting roads to ride on and not care for the destination. I traveled slow, but I think I found some pretty interesting places. Like the Cabin and the Swiss Village, in the Amish area of Ohio. 
After Ohio I kept going South and West until I finally made it to Virginia and my brothers house. After resting a few days there I meant to go to Key West, then I changed my mind and decided to go to Daytona, and finally after seeing the signs for Myrtle Beach I decided to stop and spend a few days there. I met some great people from Ohio that I still need to send some pictures to.
After leaving South Carolina I took a long winding route (through Georgia) to Memphis. I thought at first to go to New Orleans, but time was running out and I wanted to meet some friends in Missouri. 
After visiting Sherwood Forest in Missouri I rested for a few days at home. Then it was time to go to St. Paul MN. and the AidsRide. My sister was going to ride a bicycle along with 1500 other riders 535 miles from St. Paul to Chicago. She asked me to come along and work as a crew member to give her moral support. The ride lasted 6 days and though it may have been a vacation I have rarely worked harder in my life.
I'm finally home late in July, and ready to take a long break while supposedly working.