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Day Five "In the Amish Outback"
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For those who weren't here 

last time, allow me to add a link 

to my original page. 

Just click on the bike.

Now some of you may be thinking, "Sounds like that boy isn't having a whole lot of fun on his trip.
Well I have to admit that hanging out in South Bend isn't quite what I had in mind for a vacation, especially since school was out for the summer and there weren't any coeds around to keep me company. On the other hand my trip is really just beginning right now. this was really just a practice run so to speak. 


Now that I've finally gotten things in order I'm ready to head for the open road, which is exactly what I did.  As you can see old Bessie is fully loaded and ready to go. )I think she needs to go on a diet, don't you?) I spent a lot of time in Chicago trying to get some tunes on the old bike, but all I ended up doing was putting my Mp3 player under my jacket and wearing earphones under my helmet. It's a bit illegal, but better than listening to the wind all day. 
I went East from south bend along highway 20, (which by the way is not the Lincoln Highway as I said on the first day, that would be highway 30). The road was pretty straight and boring so I stopped in a gas station and looked at a map (I left mine in the motel). I decided to take highway 19 south back to 30 (I took highway 30 the first day that's how I knew 20 wasn't the Lincoln Highway, Duh highway 30 is.). By the time I got there I had ridden for too many hours and decided to stop at the first camp site I saw. Thirty miles later I finally found one. It wasn't too bad really. A bunch of Winnebago's and trailers pretty much permanently rooted to most of the camp sites. Finally I found an empty spot surrounded by campers and set up my tent. If you have read my earlier pages you probably know that I took along my sister's tent, but forgot the poles. Well I bought a new tent.
(Wal-Mart where all the rich men shop)

As you can see it looks pretty, the real question is will it be waterproof? I don't want to find out.

But having made it to the camp site I immediately left in search of food. I only had to ask directions twice, but I finally found a place called The Cabin. To learn a bit more about The Cabin just click on the name.