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Mickey's Pub

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On Friday night I went to a pub called Mickey's. There I had my first taste of bad South Bend karaoke. Not to say that karaoke isn't bad anywhere you go but South Bend seems to have the worst, and that has nothing to do with the singers. anyway while there I saw this pretty young lady who looked exactly like a girl I knew when I lived in California. (Just wait when I get home I'll put up the pictures of both and you can compare for yourself.) More on her and Mickey's in a minute.

Anyway Saturday after updating the web page I wandered downtown to see what was happening. I came across a nice looking brewery and thought I would step in and do a tour and perhaps get a free drink or two. Unfortunately even though the parking lot was crammed the brewery was empty. Parking my bike next to some rickety old BSA I walked around to take a look.

To my surprise I found a reggae band playing and just past that miles and miles (At least it seemed that way) of food stands. It seems I had picked the time of the annual Ethnic Fest to visit South bend. I wondered around a bit to see what there was to see. I found a bucking bull ride that I was sorely tempted to try, but then I thought of the bruises it would make on my thighs and thought better of it. I grabbed a Philly Cheese steak (Made with cheddar of all things.) and headed for the nearest beer tent. Would you believe they had karaoke? Would you believe it was almost as bad if not worse during the day as it is at night?

Well spending a few hours in the beer tent, I mean wandering around the festival, I was struck by a bolt of lightning. (Not literally) I thought I should grab my camera and head back to Mick's and hope to see that girl again. I figured I might because she was the daughter of the owner. So of course I did. 

Later that night I found myself at Mickey's, unshowered and really starting to hurt from the days exertions, but lucky for me she was there so I went up to say hi. 

"Hi your so and so right. I was saying to your dad last night that you look exactly like someone I used to know"

She gave me a look like "Why do you lame punks always use the same pick up lines."

Obviously I was off on the right foot, but I did manage to get a picture of her and as I said when I get home you can compare. for now you will just have to settle for pictures of the pub and Mickey.

All right then I've been home for a while. I made a nice page where you can see the two girls and compare. I have a link to it right here so enjoy.