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Day two of the ride East
Spark image
I didn't mean to be making a 
page so early. It seems I set the 
picture quality on mom's
 camera to the highest and
I only got about 15 pictures. So
I had to leave the Studebaker 
Museum early and upload the
pictures. I think I'll go hang out 
at Notre Dame and see if I
Can't find a young co-ed.
Well I made it all the way to South Bend in one piece. So far the locals haven't really noticed that I'm from out of town. Most places you go if you pass someone on a motorcycle it is customary to wave. A lot of people do it, but not everyone. I've even heard of some people who won't wave to anyone unless they ride the right bike and the right equipment and stuff. Well not here. Here everyone waves no matter what. I passed the same guy here twice today before noon and both times he waved. Hondas wave to Harleys, Harleys wave to Suzuki's, heck even riders of different races wave to each other. 
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