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Georgia on my mind
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For those who weren't here 

last time, allow me to add a link 

to my original page. 

Just click on the bike.

After leaving Myrtle Beach I meant to head down to New Orleans, but never made it. As I was heading through Georgia I realized it was just farther than I wanted to go in the time I had left. So I just started taking random roads and eventually made it up to the southern tip of the the Appalachian mountains. I expected Georgia to be pretty boring, just a bunch of straight roads in a hot semi-desert area. Man was I wrong. Yeah there were a lot of peach farms near the eastern part of the state, but the roads almost all had gentle curves and slow rolling hills. It was actually quite nice to sit back and relax while I enjoyed the ride. And when I got to the mountains the riding just got better. They weren't quite as high as they were in West Virginia, but they were plenty fun and beautiful. I just had to stop and do some hiking in the mountains, if only to say I walked a bit of the Appalachian Trail. Oh yeah and they said there were a great bunch of waterfalls around, but I could only find a few.