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Over here now!!!!!

Ha Ha made you look.

Ok now the trip is about to start and I'm just about ready to go.

If you are not on my e-mail list you should click here.

this page is sort of my diary of my first long trip on my

new '99 FXSTC

for those who don't know what that is it is a

Harley Davidson custom softail.

If you would like to check out some of the emails I send out while still on my trip

click here. Tell me what you think in my guestbook at the bottom of the page.

I will be trying to update this page as often as possible.

I will be carrying my digital camera as well as a regular camera. Though I won't be able to scan those pictures until I get back.

So check often and keep up with my vacation.

Also you can e-mail me at driver001@hotmail.com

see you all soon.

For those who wish to see. This is me on the bike a few days after I bought it.


A big congratulations to Wayne and Flea on the birth of Susperia.

Also a big congratulations to Sandy on the birth of Michael Vincent.

Sandy and her baby can be found here and here.


This is the link the the thumbnails so far


There we go then I think I have all the pictures converted to JPEG form so they will be faster to load and probably a bit better quality. The old bitmaps are still there but the second picture page is


Hello again. I survived camp, barely. I rode 1500 miles or so in the last two days to get to Sturgis for the last day of the rally.

Well I did the biker thing in Sturgis and I'm a better man for it i hope. I had the 5000 mile service done in Rapid city, just west of Sturgis. Then I raced to Aunt Sue's place in Montana. From there I raced to San Diego in 2 days. The bike has 3000 miles more than what I started with and I had 100 e-mails waiting for me. I thought at first I was important, but the i read them and found out that they were almost all jokes forwarded from friends. Please if you must forward jokes to me please wait until i get home around the first.

I'm home now. I have uploaded some pictures in jpeg form. I will be spending the next few days trying to change all the pictures to jpeg form to make them easier to see by everyone. Then I will try to put up thumbnails and an individual page with an explanation of each picture. Check back soon.