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If you have been following this page closely you will note that I mentioned that I was originally going to go to Key West and wrastle alligators. I changed my mind and was just going to go to Daytona, then I got sidetracked again and went to Myrtle Beach. I still planned on going to Florida, but I just didn't feel like it. I thought perhaps I would go to New Orleans and listen to some Jazz. Heading through Georgia though I realized I would have to go through too many states and I had already made an appointment in Mo. to get the 10,000 mile service done on my bike. So I altered my plans again and went towards Memphis and Graceland. 

Now Elvis was and interesting dude, he likes (yes he is still alive, we chatted for several hours, but he wouldn't let me take his picture) his bikes, notice they are all Harleys, He also liked his toys. They say he used to have golf cart races all the time, often riding out on Elvis Presley Blvd. (I'm sure it was named something else back then). I took the mandatory tour of Elvis's house, ($25) [check out the dinning room, bed room, office, TV room, jungle room, jungle room two] along with some of his other stuff like his planes [complete with blue velvet bed] and his cars [the pink Cadillac, the funny car, the NASCAR, and several others]. Oh yeah and I suppose I can't mention Elvis with out showing just a few of his gold records

After paying my respects the the King I headed north to Sherwood Forest, the summer camp I used to work at many a moon ago. Of course along the way I had to stop under a bridge in Arkansas thanks to the torrential downpour, but of course this is the rain trip.