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Highway 1 and Hollister

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Welcome back everyone Iím glad youíre still with me.

I left San Diego on Sunday morning. Thanks to Wayne and Felicia for putting me up for so long. Somewhere around Orange County I picked up Hwy 1 and headed North. After fighting through traffic along the coast I found biker fest. A bunch of super bikes and about 5 Harleys looking too cool. I decided to stop and see what was going on. It cost me $7 to be patted down by some cops and stand around being bored. Not too exciting so I got back on the road. I pulled a wheelie to showoff just like the other guys. (yeah right)

On up the road a little ways I eventually tried to find a state park to camp in unfortunately the only one I found would only let groups camp, not individuals. Finally after driving through the fog and the dark I found a place to stop. I figured I was missing all the good scenery so I should hole up for the night and drive during the day.

The next morning I got up early and started driving. I figured the fog would burn off pretty quick and I would get to see some scenery, Not. The fog stayed over the ocean all day long. According to the locals during the summer the fog never goes away. Itís all good though as they say in San Diego, because it is just so cool riding a twisty road and watching the mist rise out of the ocean and above the road. And of course Guadalupe CA. I used to have two Guadalupes in my class last year so I had to stop to take a picture.

All good things come to an end though and I missed a turn-off somewhere and ended following the 101 away from the coast. It started getting warm, it is really cold riding the coast. Then I saw a sign for Hearst Castle and followed. I rode right past a bunch of wineries, I though about stopping, but figured nine in the morning was a bit too early to be drinking.

At Hearst Castle I took tour one. Talk about opulence, this man had way too much money and way too much time to build the house of his dreams. Just the one tour I took lasted over an hour and there are 4 more. I have the pictures up but I donít know if I am allowed to post them here. Iíll have to write to the castle and get permission when I get home.

After the castle I headed into Monterey for the night. A friendly lady at the tourist information center gave me a map of the city showing where the campgrounds were. So I camped at Veterans Memorial Campground right in the heart of the city. I was hoping to cruise past Pebble Beach before leaving, however they seem to have a no motorcycle rule on the road to the golf club, At least that is what they told me at the toll-gate. That really doesnít matter though because I wasnít going to pay $8 just to drive on a road.

After Monterey I drove to Hollister: that took all of a few hours. I spent the day going round and round in circles around the area trying to figure out the best place to camp. Finally I spent the night on top of mountain in what is called Henry Coe State Park. 10 miles back and forth up a mountain just to sleep for the night really isnít worth it. I suppose if you liked hiking in the backcountry it would be great though, because they had hundreds of miles of hiking trails. I didnít much care for it, but the sunset was nice. The sunset was nice though, but then in the middle of the night a wild pig (or so they say) knocked over the garbage cans. I of course slept right trough it.

The next morning I went into San Francisco to get a bowl of clam chowder, then headed back to Hollister to set up camp. Hollister is a pretty quiet town most of the time. We ended up back at the camp 7 miles out of town on the 4th so we could set off our own fireworks. One group came pretty close to setting the whole place on fire, but nobody got hurt.

Friday was the official start of the rally. The city closed San Benito to everything but bikes and we all either drove around in circles or parked and watched people drive around in circles, pretty exciting huh?

I am having fun though. Iíve actually stopped and talked to a lot of people, like Erin, Stephanie, and Brandy. Almost everyone Iíve seen here is either from California or Nevada, but I did see one guy (or at least his bike) from Brazil, I also saw a Colleen bike so I though that was cool. So Iím having a blast but tomorrow itís back on the road and up to Seattle.

Well Iíve wasted enough time again here. So Iím burning rubber out of here just like this guy on his V star.


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