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Come join me as I ride my Harley Davidson across the US and sometimes into Canada and Mexico.

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For those who weren't here 

last time, allow me to add a link 

to my original page. Just click on the bike.


For the 2001 trip click here.

finally, if you like to hear a good story guaranteed to have a happy ending try this

heroic stories link

If you've never been here before I would like to welcome you to my summer vacation. 

A bit of history
Three years ago I took a motorcycle trip west and brought along an old digital camera and a laptop (click on the picture of the bike at left to see that page). This gave me the chance to share my vacation with friends and family. Last year I went east. I took along a much better camera, but no laptop. It was a bit more difficult to create the page on the road, but I got better pictures. This Year I'm going back West. I hope to spend a few weeks playing golf and catching up with old friends in San Diego. Then follow the coast up to Canada and turn right. Eventually I should be in Minnesota for the start of the Heartland AIDS ride. Then in August I will be in New Hampshire for my little sister's wedding. With my new kilt, and no I won't tell you what I'm wearing underneath. 

Update June 12

short update June 22

I finally made it to San Diego on the 11th of June. To read about my harrowing journey and see pictures of the trip so far click on Susperia's picture. SusperiaFor those who remember Susperia is the little girl who was just born the last time I was in San Diego. Her picture in on my original page. Click the bike to the left.

What happened in San Diego

It is almost time to leave San Diego again. I tried to get in as much of the tourist stuff as I could. Unfortunately because this is a G rated site you won't be seeing pictures of my trip to Black's Beach or when I visited my friend who manages a club. What will you see; well you'll just have to click the picture to find out.

Two DJs on break

Special edition read the green below

Hey see the guy on the left. I went to visit some friends over Christmas in San Diego. He offered me a place to stay, then the day after Christmas he kicked me out and wanted to leave my stuff on the porch. What a jack off.  Christmas 2003


Update June 28

Update from July 6, 2002

Click here.    

Update July 29 - Just one more to go. (Well maybe two)

Click here for pictures from Hollister to Winnipeg. 

Click here for the Aidsride 2002 story.

If you care I fixed some of the bad pictures on my Highway 1 page. There are some more pictures and there shouldn't be any sideways ones. Click here to go to the page.

If you are not on my email list you can read my emails here. If you would like to be on my email list send me a personal email asking to put you on and I will do so at my first opportunity. 


The email tends to fill up quick on the road. Please don't send junk to me and if your mail is sent back try again in a few days. The box is probably full.

Those not on the email list who would like to catch up with old emails look here.