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Myrtle Beach

Ok we've changed things around. If you click on the links (usually blue and probably underlined) you will be magically transported to a corresponding picture. At least that is the way it is suppose to work.

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Well I've officially lost count of the day number. I don't know when that happened, but I've been losing a lot of things, no not my mind. I lost a glove camping in Ohio, I lost a bandanna at the next camp site, but I found it later. I seem to lose something almost everyday, but usually I find it later.
Since leaving my brother's house I was going to meander on down to Key west and find an alligator to wrestle, but I didn't want to do all of that traveling. So after meeting a group of NC bikers at Dairy Queen I decided to just go as far as Daytona. 
About the time I started seeing the signs for Myrtle Beach I thought perhaps it would be nice to stop somewhere for a day or two and have some fun. So I set up camp at the local KOA and went out on the town. I met two and a half couples from Ohio. Yeah I think the last girl was married, but I didn't see her husband around. We had a grand old time. Just a chatting and taking pictures. The next day we were suppose to get together for a limo ride, but they couldn't handle the hangover. 
I left Myrtle Beach Tuesday morning and decided to skip Florida altogether and head west to New Orleans. Then up to Festus MO. for that 10,000 mile service.