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San Diego scene

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For those who weren't here 

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Welcome back,

I think I've spent enough time in San Diego, though I wouldn't mind staying longer, I even went so far as to interview for a job while here. They don't have any and they will not know if they do until August. Schools are strange that way, but they have my information on file and maybe next year they will know something. Actually the more I think about it I really start to look forward to going back to North Chicago and teaching again next year. 

So what have I done while here in San Diego. Let's see, I sleep late a lot. I went to the beach a lot, and I visited a few old friends. Of course I rarely got around to pulling the camera out so there aren't many pictures. 

I've been staying with some friends, Wayne and Felicia and their baby Susperia. I have Susperia's picture on here a few times and Wayne is the guy with the long red hair, 

The first week we headed out to Balboa Park, a must visit when in San Diego. We checked out a few dinosaurs in the museum then went and played in the fountain. The fountain made a cool looking rainbow at times. 

Later I went to Coronado to the Hotel Del Coronado. The Hotel Del is a famous hotel where all the old movie stars used to hang out. Then it burnt down and the rebuilt it even better (keeping the old charm in tact of course). It's very nice and costs way more than it should. I found it pretty boring actually. The most interesting thing was the outside ashtrays that had cute palm tree scenes pressed into the sand. Of course the batteries in my camera died before I could take a picture of them though. 

Wayne, DJ Pat, The dickhead. and I went golfing a few times while I was here. The San Vincente Golf Club is in one of those communities where everyone is a golf nut. Not only that but they all have there own golf carts with little driveways out the back leading onto the golf course. We took this high volume of golf cart traffic (and lack of drink cart) to mean that we could leave the course, drive across the street and get a Coke from the store.

On Sunday the 23rd of June, Felicia's sister Stephanie married some guy Chris. Actually they reaffirmed their vows because they had a quickie wedding before the Navy sent of to fight terrorism in Afghanistan. It was a quiet home wedding with few visitors, but I had some pictures left to take on the disposable camera so I used them. The best part though was the boy who caught the garter was blindfolded and told to he could put it back on the bride, except I think she forgot to shave

We also went to the Del Mar fair, now called the San Diego County fair, but I spent most of the rest of my time visiting old friends and old haunts. Such as Lucy's bar in Ocean Beach. Lucky for me I ran into the owner, Bobby, and my favorite bartender, Christine while I actually had my camera

Finally, a picture for my friends the Stumbling idiots. I actually took a picture like this last year too, but forgot to post a link to it on my web site. So you can see the one from Myrtle Beach too. (Yes, I know I misspelled stumbling on the dollar bill.)

That's all for now, Sunday or Monday I'm heading North. I think I'll be stopping in Hollister CA for the bike rally during the weekend of the 5th to the 7th. Then I'll try to visit my Aunt in Washington. Finally, it is up to Canada and turn right for the trip home.

Of course I still have the AIDSRIDE near the end of July and my little sister's wedding in August so the trip is long from over.

That's the end of our story for today, Click here to go back to the main page.