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Welcome to my Vacation
Sherwood Forest
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If you like kids and working until exhaustion everyday, then Sherwood Forest is the camp to work at, it also helps if you don't mind working for peanuts. But then again working at a place like this isn't about money or anything like that, it is about doing what you love and loving what you do. 

The funny thing about this trip is that while in Graceland I called to tell everyone I was coming. What I didn't know was that about 13 of the staff was already in Graceland. They even saw me as I readjusted my raingear under the bridge. I got to camp about five minutes after most of the staff arrived. We spent a few hours unpacking and then took off for a few hours of relaxation, because it was the last night off before the kids came. The next day was spent in preparing for the kids. The staff is split into 3 basic groups, central staff (people who run the various activities), support staff (people who do the behind the scenes work), and councilors

When the kids come it means basically two 24 hour days to get them comfortable, before the councilors and staff really get a break. The kids come in on noon on a Sunday and go to the chapel to meet the staff and their individual counselors. The first day is always spent in unpacking and going to all the various program areas of camp, where the kids are given a chance to find out the fun things they can do at camp. Things such as learning to swim, going camping, learning orienteering, archery, and the adventure tree. The end of the first day is always brought to a close with an all camp campfire (yes, they do sing-alongs too).

The second day is when the real fun starts. Some groups take off immediately for the woods, but most of the camp is around doing what they have scheduled. Usually the favorite activity is the pool, at least is was for me. as you may guess I spent a lot of my time cooling off in the pool so let's meet the staff down there. 

After dinner everyday everyone who is in camp usually gets together to play some games. The first night is usually a general game night, where each cabin group goes from area to area playing games. Of course these games generally teach cooperation, but don't tell the kids that they just think its fun. Hopefully by the end of the first day the groups are well on their way to having a lot of team spirit, and as you can see this session went well. As we had a cheering competition on the second day. 

Sherwood is not all work though, here is one of the councilors showing off her new belly button ring. During the day the staff doesn't get much time off, but between the hours of 10 and 12 at night, most of the staff gets the chance to take a break. This first night off we went to the barn for open mike night. This years staff really seemed to me to be a great bunch, they not only worked well together, but they generally enjoyed each others company. I only had the time to spend two days at camp this year, but I really felt like a part of the group. I know these people will be held up as an example of how a staff should work together