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The Cabin
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Like you probably know if you got here I went to a little restaurant called The Cabin while I was in Ohio. (Maybe I didn't tell you I was in Ohio.) Give me a second and I'll go get the address. 

See I went all the way upstairs and spent 20 minutes rummaging through my mess of a pack and you didn't even notice.

Anyway The Cabin is a very clean looking upper class joint out in the middle of nowhere (at least according to us city folk). The Address is 
2106 Stat Route 603
(that would be 1 mile south of Mifflin)
In PA. Phone # 419-368-4457

After setting up camp I went out in search of food and drink and I found The Cabin. (I had asked the girl at the campsite for a good place to eat, I thought she would send me to a dirty little greasy spoon). I stepped through the door and was completely surprised to see a quality 4 star resturant. It wasn't what I had in mind, but they had a bar so off I went (or is that in I went?). 
I spent the next couple hours chatting with the owner and bartender Kevin, while the cook made me a wonderful steak and potatoe meal. (Opps forget that extra "e" isn't there.)
If your ever in the area stop in and say hello. Plus he gave me some great advice on what roads to take to really get to see the country side. 


Now that I've finally gotten things in order I'm ready to head for the open road, which is exactly what I did.  You may recognize this photo. It was actually taken on day 6 in Loudenville, where I stopped to check out the Amish stores. Like the ones you can find on the next page. 
Click me for Amish photos.
On the west side of the Ohio Amish area is a place called the Swiss Village. I stopped and looked for that famous bikini team. Then I found out that they were from Sweden. A completely different country all together. If you want to see the Edelweiss diner and other photos then click here.